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Here the soul of invention Meets the art of intention, Taste it, feel it, see it, live it, The full expression of being For all, For you.

Welcome to Malcolm Yards.
The Twin Cities newest neighborhood...In the Making


In the

Located in the historic Minneapolis, MN Prospect Park neighborhood, Malcolm Yards is a modern community built with roots in the past. From the Market to the Office, Surly to O’Shaughnessy’s distillery, each amenity embraces the soul of the neighborhood with a vision to invent and improve. Explore all that Malcolm Yards has to offer and be a part of the making.


A little bit of everything, from workspace to happy hour.

Malcolm Yards has all the amenities for living, working, dining and entertainment. Explore all we have to offer.
The Market At Malcolm Yards
The Market At Malcolm Yards
A food hall of inventive flavors that express the neighborhood.
The Flats at Malcolm Yards
The Flats at Malcolm Yards
Malcolm Station Apartments
Malcolm Station Apartments
Makers Office
Makers Office
Full Site Plan
Full Site Plan

The Soul of Invention

Malcolm Yards draws on a rich history of industry and transportation. When building a vision for the future, we look toward the past to create an intersection for living, expressing, imbibing and being.
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